For SarahKeenanCreative, the phrase building and construction covers a wide spectrum of responsibilities and tasks. From designing to completing your construction project, we’re there throughout the plethora of services and parameters that must be taken care of to make your dream a reality.

Our services are divided into several distinct parts, including:

  • Pre-Construction Services

Every construction project begins with pre-construction services. That’s because several questions and tasks must be addressed as soon as a construction project commences. That’s essentially the stage where an idea is transformed into an actual project with practical aspects aligned with the project’s vision.

At this stage, the client and the team members understand the project’s aspirations, budget, and expected deadline. However, clients must provide all the necessary information to estimate the actual cost of building any commercial or resident structure.

  • Project Management

Once you launch your construction project, various elements must be taken care of. That translates into a close collaboration between different agents and your team. As such, data plays a crucial role in the process and helps to make well-analyzed decisions quickly. Fortunately, our team has enough construction experience to handle everything from planning to the post-construction phase.

  • Designing and building

While designers and actual builders have worked independently for years, SarahKeenanCreative has found a way to minimize the risk and increase efficiency. Our team handles everything from designing to construction, helping to keep everything connected to understand all the possible challenges better. Furthermore, we keep tabs on the latest innovations and practices to provide sustainable building.

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